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Sound Vibration for Higher


Harness the Ancient Indian Science of Sacred Sound with Voice Yoga. Delve deep into the depths of your consciousness and learn how sound vibration works on an energetic level.  

What is Voice Yoga?

Voice Yoga, often referred to as "Nāda Yoga, " is a captivating practice that intertwines the ancient wisdom of yoga with the transformative power of sound and vocalization. At its core, it emphasises the harmony between body, breath, and voice to elevate spiritual awareness and inner tranquility.

In Voice Yoga, the voice becomes a gateway to deeper self-discovery and connection with the universe. Through various vocal techniques like chanting, toning, and breathwork, practitioners explore the resonant qualities of their voices, channeling vibrations to unlock and clear energy centers within the body known as chakras. Sanskrit mantras and bija chanting hold a significant place in this practice, as sanskrit is believed to be a language founded on intention and vibration, carrying profound healing qualities. This harmonizing practice allows individuals to attune to their unique vibrational frequencies, fostering a profound sense of inner balance and well-being.

Central to Voice Yoga is the idea that sound holds immense transformative potential. By immersing oneself in vocalization and sound resonance, practitioners can dissolve emotional tensions, release stress, and cultivate mental clarity. This practice isn't solely about perfecting the voice; it's about using sound as a catalyst for personal growth, spiritual connection, and overall wellness.

How can Voice Yoga help Me?

In today's focus on physical aspects of life, yoga's true essence as 'union' often gets overlooked. Voice Yoga reintroduces this unity, guiding individuals to harmonize their minds and bodies with their voices. It's an avenue to receive wisdom from the Ancient Indian Vedas, offering a pathway for inner balance and well-being in our fast-paced modern world.

Stress reduction

Voice Yoga incorporates breathwork, chanting, and toning, offering effective tools to alleviate stress. These practices activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation, reducing stress hormones, and fostering a sense of calmness.

Emotional balance

Engaging in Voice Yoga aids in emotional regulation and balance. The vibrational resonance of sound practices helps release emotional blockages, allowing practitioners to explore and process emotions, fostering emotional resilience and stability.

Deepen awareness and mindfulness

Through the synchronization of breath and sound, Voice Yoga cultivates heightened awareness and mindfulness. Practitioners learn to focus on the present moment, fostering mental clarity, and expanding consciousness.

Elevated vibrational state

Voice Yoga harnesses the power of sound vibrations to elevate one's vibrational frequency. By engaging with sacred sounds and mantras, practitioners attune themselves to higher states of consciousness, fostering spiritual growth and a deeper connection to the universe.

Enhance your spiritual practise 

Add a profound layer to your yoga practice by integrating sound and vocalization. Voice Yoga complements physical postures with breathwork, chanting, or toning, deepening the mind-body connection. In Sound Healing practice, Voice Yoga becomes a tool for creating intentional vibrations with your own voice, allowing practitioners to intuitively dissolve emotional blockages and realign energies. By learning to use your voice in these practices you take the next step to conscious and embodied healing on a cellular level.


Voice Tantra Academy

At Voice Tantra we have a range of offerings to teach and help you enhance your Voice Yoga practise:

  • Chakra Toning
  • Shruti Chanting
  • The Fundamentals of Sanskrit Mantras
  • Harnessing the Power of the Bija's
  • Sound as Meditation
  • How to Observe the Inner Sound
  • Shiva and Shakti Sound Practises

Check out what we've currently got on offer!

The Roots of Voice Yoga

Voice Yoga, finds it roots in the Ancient Indian Wisdom Schools and emerges as a transformative practice, unveiling the often overlooked realm of sound within yoga. In this sacred discipline, practitioners would delve deep into the vibrational essence of sound, exploring practices like chanting, toning, and breathwork. At its heart lies the recital of Sanskrit Mantras and Bija Seed Syllables, believed to hold profound healing qualities due to Sanskrit's foundation on intention and vibration.

The practice of chanting mantras can be traced back to the Vedas, which are among the oldest known sacred texts, dating back over 3,000 to 5,000 years. The Vedas contain hymns, rituals, and sacred chants that form the foundation of Hinduism and influenced various spiritual practices in India, including mantra chanting.

Ancient Indian traditions revered the art of sacred sound, considering it a science beyond religious bounds. Meticulously studying sound's precision and its profound effects on body and mind, practitioners embraced Voice Yoga as a powerful tool for harmonizing vibrations and attuning to higher consciousness.
By engaging in intentional sound practices, individuals learn to align their vibrations with cosmic rhythms, fostering interconnectedness and spiritual elevation.

This practice is often considered a more feminine counterpart to the more widely known masculine aspect of yoga, the physical asanas. It acts as a balancing force, offering a gateway to harmonize mind and voice, reviving the age-old wisdom of the Vedas amidst our modern, fast-paced lives.


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