Embodied Voicework

Unleash Your Voice,

Unveil Your Essence 

Learn to express the true voice of your body and harness the power of your inner vibration. We use practises involving movement, breathwork and play, to teach you how to activate your whole body as an instrument for conscious creativity and healing. 

What is Embodied Voicework?

Embodied Voicework is a transformative, holistic practice focused on harnessing the power of movement, breathwork and sound for wellbeing and creativity. Originating from various traditions including somatic therapy, mindfulness practices, and vocal techniques, it intertwines ancient wisdom with an easy-to-follow modern application. The Voice Tantra approach isn't just about vocal exercises; but instead we offer a step onto the path of self-discovery, true expression and inner healing through sound.

It's a dynamic and uplifting modality, which helps you to nurture the ability to meditate through sound and develop a profound connection between the body and something beyond the self, enriching your life with an empowering essence.

Step out of the Mind and into the Body.

By tuning into your inner voice and expressing it aloud, this practice teaches you to understand your internal vibrations, enabling you to release any emotional blockages you are holding, in a playful and creative manner - a profound method which helps to support stress relief, improve mood disorders and in the long run, increase energy levels.

Embodied Voicework goes beyond simply vocalizing in your own space; it's a pathway to better communication, enhanced wellbeing, heightened creativity, and spiritual development. From performers seeking to refine their stage presence to busy moms finding a moment of self-expression, this practice is beneficial for people in all walks of life. 

Why is Embodied Voicework So Beneficial?

Embodied voicework is a holistic practice that doesn’t just enhance vocal abilities; it encourages personal growth, empowering individuals to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level, enriching their lives in multiple and diverse ways.

Promoting mental and Physical Wellness 

This practise offers a powerful gateway to support wellbeing, reducing stress, and promoting happiness. Through our integrative practices, you can learn to tap into your body's innate ability to release endorphins and oxytocin, the 'feel-good' hormones, which are well known to support emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Improve Communication Skills

Through vocal exercises and exploration, it enhances communication skills, aiding in clearer and more authentic expression in personal and professional interactions.

Spiritual Development

For those on a spiritual journey, embodied voicework can serve as a tool for developing intuition, deepening spiritual practices, and connecting with a higher self.

Versatile and Dynamic Practice

Embodied Voicework caters to people of all ages, from all walks of life, from performers seeking authentic creativity to individuals on the journey to personal growth, sound healers exploring healing through voice, and public speakers refining their delivery.

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Embodied Voicework with Voice Tantra 

Our Embodied Voicework classes and trainings teach you how to trust in your own body, so that you can develop your own integrative practise. We begin by guiding you through the fundamentals of embodied mindfulness, to ensure you are grounded in a healthy practise and then progress to various techniques such as Sound Shaking, Vocalising Touch and Voice Journeying.


Voice Tantra Academy

At Voice Tantra we have a range of offerings to teach and help you enhance your Embodied Voicework practise.

The Roots of embodied Voicework

Embodied Voicework, a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques, has emerged as a transformative practice in the realm of holistic healing and self-expression. Tracing its origins back to the profound traditions of numerous cultures, this practice embodies the timeless understanding of the voice as a powerful instrument for healing and consciousness expansion.

The roots of Embodied Voicework stretch across continents and epochs, drawing inspiration from the ancient practices of countries like India, Tibet, Ghana and Greece, where the voice was revered as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms. In these cultures, chanting, singing, and vocal improvisation were not merely artistic expressions but pathways to transcendence and healing. Historical records suggest that the therapeutic use of voice for healing is as old as human civilization itself, with evidence dating back thousands of years.

In today's fast-paced and often disconnected modern life, the principles of Embodied Voicework are more relevant than ever. This practice offers a sanctuary from the chaos of daily life, a space where individuals can reconnect with their inner selves through the power of their own voice. It serves as a reminder of the ancient wisdom that our ancestors understood so well: that the voice is a key to unlocking deeper layers of the self, healing emotional wounds, and elevating consciousness. By integrating these time-honored practices into our modern routines, we open ourselves to a world of self-discovery, emotional release, and spiritual growth, fostering a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. In this way, Embodied Voicework stands as a testament to the enduring power of the human voice and its capacity to heal, transform, and uplift the human spirit. 

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