Reclaim Your True Voice

& Give Permission to the Authentic Woman Inside

Welcome to the

Women's Voice Empowerment Programme.

A 5 week journey to unlock the FULL POWER of your

Authentic Feminine Voice. 

Your voice is beautiful

and it's time for you to know it

Imagine walking into any situation, whether it's a family gathering, your favourite hangout or a meeting at work, and feeling a profound sense of self-assurance. You know exactly who you are, and you're not afraid to show it. Your voice, imbued with the clarity and conviction that comes from deep within, is a true reflection of your inner self. You speak, and it's as if your words are directly connected to your heart.

No more holding back, no more self-doubt, just pure, authentic expression. For many women, this level of self-confidence seems like a distant dream, obscured by years of societal conditioning and self-imposed limitations.

What if you could shatter those barriers and unleash your true self?

The Women's Voice Empowerment Programme is designed to help you do just that.

This programme has been created, because you're not alone in this problem. The heavy truth is that too many women in this world still feel disempowered in their own voices. Whether in the workplace, in their relationships or even in their own home. 

And it's time for this to change. 

"Your Throat Chakra is the centre of your expression and personality.

When you unblock it, you open up to new ways of experiencing life. You stop hiding and you are finally able to show up as your TRUE SELF in the world."

- Voice Tantra

What is your experience?

Have you faced any of these issues recently?

For a typical modern woman, the restraints of societal conditioning have become so ingrained in her personality that she finds it so difficult to ever express herself genuinely and openly in daily situations. 

In the long run, this can negatively affect her self-esteem, her mental and emotional health and overall motivation or enthusiasm to take control in life. 

Do you ever feel like this?


You struggle to express your emotions in a healthy way...

Ever find yourself getting frustrated and annoyed easily, or snapping out at small things because you've reached your boiling point? Or you stifle your tears or worries so not to be judged as being "too sensitive or emotional"?

You feel blocked from speaking your honest opinion...

Does the idea of conflict stop you from expressing your truthful perspective? Do you wish you could speak up for what you genuinely believe in and not be afraid of the judgements of others?

You feel unable to create healthy boundaries...

Are people often pushing past your limit of what you can give or crossing your boundaries? Or you don't know when to use your 'No'?

You are always self criticising and have low self esteem...

Does your inner critic constantly feed you a stream of negative comments which stop you from trying new things or taking action on your creative ideas?

Develop confidence, creativity and courage in your true voice on the 5 week Women's Voice Empowerment Programme.

If our modern day society hasn't taught us how to express ourselves as REAL, AUTHENTIC and WISE women, then it’s up to us to learn how to empower and reclaim our true nature, and liberate the true Feminine Voice.

This is what the Women’s Voice Empowerment programme is all about.

This course gives you a clear method to Reclaim your own Intuitive Feminine Education System by using your voice. On this programme you will learn how to harness the true power of your voice - the voice that you were never taught about in school or college - so that you can unlock a life of authentic self-expression and unshakable self-confidence.

Through a series of 5 carefully designed Modules, you will be delivered a collection of targeted exercises, dynamic practises and inspiring tools, to help you to ignite your core feminine voice and overwrite the unhealthy patriarchal influences which are holding you back.

You'll learn how to to connect your voice with your heart, how to listen to your body's wisdom and how to express yourself openly and confidently, without the fear of judgement or the weight of expectation.

Whether you're navigating complex emotions, making important life decisions, or simply trying to be more present in your daily interactions, your voice—your true voice—is your most powerful tool. Take the first step towards a life where you're not just seen but truly understood.

"Human evolution will happen when a woman's voice is listened to as equally as a man's voice."


Hi, my name is Saraswati Vanisha

I'm a Women's Voice Empowerment Coach, Singer/Songwriter and the Co-founder of the Voice Tantra Academy. And I am the creator of The Women's Voice Empowerment Programme.

As a Voice Coach I've worked with so many women around the world; with busy mums, with soul-seeking travellers, with CEO's and even opera singers, what all these women had in common was that they weren't able to truly trust their own voices.

I've supported so many incredible transformations with 1-1 Coaching sessions and retreats, but I always saw that a longer term self-sustainable solution was also needed for these women to fully harness and integrate everything they were learning. Not another "hand-held activation space" - but a continuous practise space to develop their skills, to hone in on and learn to fully trust their own authentic feminine expression in all aspects of life. 

This is why I decided to develop The Women's Voice Empowerment Programme.  

I myself struggled for many years with depression and low self-esteem. I constantly wished I could express what was going on inside, but my voice felt locked in a cage made of of societal judgements, family expectations and fears of humiliation and rejection. Eventually the weight of this became so much that I had a raging screaming voice in my head which severely affected my mental health - one day I broke and let out the scream. To my absolute amazement, what I thought was a scream turned out to be a bold, brave, tribal cry, which shook me to the core. For the first time I heard my real voice, the one I knew was meant to be heard. My true voice. 

This voice was my liberation. She was my saving grace, and from this moment on she was my guiding light, my teacher, my coach and my best friend. She showed me how to live the life I always knew was possible. 

The Women's Voice Empowerment Programme was created to support any woman who has also felt stuck in her own cage built by a patriarchal society. I have designed a clear guiding method to teach you how to activate, how to trust and how to harness the full potential of your own feminine voice.  

I truly hope that this programme and community will support you in bringing you the freedom, joy and confidence you need to navigate this life as an empowered woman, and I trust that with this support you will be able to finally reclaim your own unique voice as your guiding force. 

Big Love and Warmest Wishes from

Saraswati Vanisha

Just because society has been teaching us a way of being for thousands of years, it doesn't mean it's right. And it's never to late to change.


What will I learn?

How to locate and release your vocal blockages

This programme teaches you how to identify, face and dissolve those critical inner voices which hold you back, and gives you practical tools to help you to move beyond your old habits.

Methods to transmute old and stagnant energy

Using the fundamental Embodied Voicework practises in Voice Tantra, you will learn effective ways to move stuck energy so it no longer weighs you down.

Techniques to transform painful emotions into a power source

A whole module dedicated to teaching you how to safely feel, own and know what emotions really are in terms of energy in your body, and how to express them in a way which can actually give you energy.

New ways to sculpt creativity and confidence into your sound

You will learn how to integrate playful expression into your daily life to nourish your heart and soul, so you can believe in yourself, trust your own voice and constantly replenish your creative cup. 

How to celebrate and own your authentic voice

Through daily self care practises, you'll learn to cultivate the empowering habit of self-confirmation, so that you never need to seek outside approval again.

Methods to heal your body, mind and soul using your voice vibration

Delve into the world of Voice Yoga and harness the profound power behind Sanskrit Mantra and Chakra Toning and learn to nourish yourself with your own personal voice healing rituals. 

Module Breakdown

Take a deeper look into how each Module will help you to develop the 5 core areas of your own Voice Empowerment:

  • Module 1: Reclaim your Voice
  • Module 2: Heal with your Voice
  • Module 3: Create with your Voice
  • Module 4: Voice your Emotions
  • Module 5: Expand Consciousness with your Voice
  • LIVE SESSIONS: Celebrate Your Voice Medicine

Reclaiming your Authentic Voice

Module 1 is all about stepping beyond the judgements of societal conditioning by addressing where you're starting from on this journey and what is really holding you back. 

"You can only move forwards , once you know where you're at."

You will learn how to locate where your current sticking points are in your vocal expression and how your existing relationship with your voice is affecting you life. 

You will then be given tools which will help you transform this, including energy clearing meditations, voice empowerment affirmation practises, and a framework for setting clear intentions to step towards a more confident future self - setting the groundwork for this course to have a truly long-lasting impact on your life.

This is for me! I want to enrol on the Women's Voice Empowerment Programme.

Beautifully put together. Inspired material and structure.

It offers me effective tools to work with for many circumstances in my everyday life.

Adelina, UK - Course Participant

Empowering you in all Aspects of life

Expression beyond labels

Imagine embarking on a transformative journey through an online course—a journey designed to unearth your authentic voice and liberate you from societal confines. Picture uncovering not just a voice but a rich, vibrant melody uniquely yours. This melody resonates beyond mere expression; it harmonizes with the rhythm of a healthier body image and newfound sense of sexual freedom.

As you journey through this course, you'll learn the art of shaping and cherishing your self-defined boundaries, becoming a sculptor of your own life. This course acts as your guiding compass, leading you to a space where living unapologetically is the norm, and your individuality can thrive. It equips you not just to express yourself authentically but to rewrite the narrative of your life—a narrative where your voice, your choices, and your boundaries flourish, embraced and celebrated by all.

Voice as a Tool for Leadership

This course is dedicated to helping women rediscover and celebrate the inherent strengths of their feminine voice in leadership roles. Traditionally, leadership has been associated with qualities often attributed to masculinity. However, the feminine voice brings its own set of powerful attributes – empathy, intuition, collaboration, and emotional intelligence – that are essential in today's diverse and dynamic work environments.

As a woman equipped with the skills from this course, you bring a different approach. You lead not by overpowering, but by empowering.

In embracing the feminine aspects of your voice, you also challenge and change the traditional narratives around leadership. You become a role model for other women in your organization, showing them that leadership is not about changing who you are to fit a mold, but about using your inherent qualities to lead in your own authentic way. This course is your pathway to not just claiming your space in leadership but doing so with the full power and grace of your feminine voice.

Relationship Communications

In today's fast-paced world, the art of communication is more crucial than ever, especially in intimate relationships. This course is designed to empower women with the skills to communicate more effectively, not just in the workplace or social settings, but profoundly in their relationships with partners.

With the skills you acquire here, you will approach such conversations with a newfound clarity and calmness. You'll learn to express your concerns and desires without aggression or passivity, but with assertiveness and empathy. This not only diffuses tension but also fosters a deeper understanding between you and your partner.

Creative Intelligence for Social Change

Women are creative by nature, we are literally built to give birth and create life! And this creative force and mystical wisdom can also be used in so many other aspects of a woman's life. When you feel empowered as an individual and can recognise and bring forward your creative skills through a liberated feminine voice, then the life you live can be totally transformed. 

Owning and trusting your authentic nature becomes the driving force behind crafting innovative businesses, reshaping honest education systems, and pioneering new societal models - so you can become an instigator for the positive change you want to see in the world, instead of being a passive spectator.  

Embracing your feminine wisdom empowers you to speak up, fostering a world where your voice is heard and respected. Together, empowered women like you become a force for transformative change. When you, as an empowered woman, seek change, the world responds, igniting a ripple effect of positive transformation that extends far beyond any individual woman's empowerment.

Stronger Together

It's not just an online course, its a collective.

Empowered Women Empower Women

The Women's Voice Empowerment Collective is an integral part of this empowerment programme. This is our exclusive online thrive hive, our meeting point, our melting pot where all the women who have committed to the path of empowering the feminine voice meet.

Every woman who enrols gets access to this global network where we share our stories and our insights of the course as we move through each module. 

Grow, laugh and learn together. 

You will get to develop your skills and expand into your highest potential with the support of your sisters from around the world. 

So even though the course is designed as an individual empowerment journey, you will find strength in knowing that you're not alone on your path.

Often the greatest growth happens on your own...

...But the greatest celebration happens Together!

In this collective, we initiate juicy conversations to address why so many women face blockages in their authentic expression and we discuss individual and collective solutions to this global issue.

So once the course has finished, you'll have a juicy, nourishing and inspiring space to discuss new ideas, develop projects and collaborate on innovative initiatives.

Want a taste?

If you are curious to join the Women's Voice Empowerment movement, but are not quite ready to enrol on the course, there's good news!

You can join our Women's Voice Empowerment Community Facebook Group where you can connect in with the movement. What's more, you'll also receive $50 off the WVE programme when you join the FB Community group & you'll receive free content to get you started on your Voice Empowerment journey & you can connect in creative, thought provoking conversations with other like-minded sisters.

It's win - win! 

I WANT TO JOIN THE wve FACEBOOK COMMUNITY and get $50 off the WVE programme!

Real people.

Real stories.



Beautiful, opening, supportive, nurturing. This course offers me several effective tools to work with for many circumstances where I can support myself in my everyday life.

Plus, I'm really glad it's in such an easy and comprehensive format, it is making it easy for me to engage with it fast, it's like a meditation/ journaling time, feels good and I never feel exhausted after it. I'm already looking forward to more practice!



Saraswati's style of facilitating is so authentic and holding. She has so many techniques and ways of expressing that she teaches, that feels rich and full. The class structure and balance always flows so well. Everything is welcome and there's opportunity to laugh and shake the silliness out, which helps to lighten the deeper levels we can get to. 

Each class I sink in deeper, I let myself sing through clearer, and trust myself further.  I'm loving every moment of the Women's Voice Empowerment programme!



This course is right on time to flow into this Era of my life! It's supporting me to voice my truth, stay in my centre and take action from there.

The message that resonated the most was "Embodied voice is all about moving through sensations of the body and sounding from those sensations".



The classes were very well built, so that fears gradually disappeared and space was created for the experiment with my voice. Much attention was also paid to 'being in your body' and creating a safe / sacred space to practise the Voicework.

joel, usa


It embodied all things I enjoy: playfulness, meditation, sound, goofiness, bodywork, games, exercises, and being just super fun!

The classes were very grounding -  making connections with the inner voice and letting go of the mind to communicate and share the voice with the outside world without self-judgements.

mia, uk


It healed parts of me I didn’t even know needed healing! I feel like such a stronger woman now and I am finding it easier and easier everyday to speak my truth.

Saraswati is a great teacher, I feel more confident as a woman and more able to stand up for myself and I understand my worth more and that it is okay for me to express myself. I have gained so much healing.

Join our Facebook Community and get 50$ discount on the course. Be a part of the Women's Voice Tantra Tribe.

Is this for me?

Who is this Programme for?


Any woman who feels blocked from her authentic self expression...

Experience what it feels like to own your vocal freedom and truly celebrate the sound of your own voice out loud!


Medicine Women, Sound Healers & Spiritual Seekers...

Activate your soul's journey to revive your own intuitive body wisdom and reclaim the true power of the Goddess through unearthing your Sacred Feminine Voice.


Women who are overly self-critical and self-doubting...

Develop your own self love practises which can neutralise any 'negative' thoughts and replace them with unshakeable self-confidence and confirmation.


Any woman who wants a way out of the patriarchal system...

Step into the New Form of Feminine Activism - through true expression, deep self love, compassion and acceptance we Heal - only from this place can we make impactful changes that will last.


Any woman who can't express her true emotions...

Learn how to Love, Accept and Celebrate your emotions & build a healthy expression practise so that you know how to create a safe way to face what you're feeling inside.


Female creatives, musicians & performers...

Whether you're just starting out or developing your skills, learn how to give yourself permission to let go of any expectations and 'mainstream' structures and enter a world where you can meet and uncover your unique, unbounded creativity!


What will I get?

Premium plan

3 x 1-1 Coaching Sessions

Get the best of both worlds and supplement your individual learning with 3 x 2 hour individually tailored Voice Empowerment Coaching Sessions with me. I will support you with ceremonial Voice Healing sessions where we work to transform your deepest blockages.

In these 1-1 sessions you will receive my full attention and guidance to: 

1) Help you move beyond any deeper vocal barriers which feel too difficult to shift on your own.

2) Embark onto the path of becoming a Voice Healer or Vocal Coach.

3) Give you creative tutoring if you are a new or developing singer/musician. 

This will be Your Voice Empowerment journey at it's highest potential!

365 Days of Access to 60 + Video Classes 

Inspiring video content presented in an easy, digestable structure help you to progress from core to advanced Voice Tantra practises, targeted towards empowering the Feminine Voice.

140 Page Self-Enquiry Workbook

An in depth question and further study workbook which helps you to dive deeper into your own self-enquiry as to how your voice works specifically for you - learn how to let your body become your teacher. 

Daily Guided Affirmations and Meditations

Support your wellbeing and self-development every day with grounding meditations and guided affirmation practises which will help you anchor in everything you are learning.

Voicework Practise Guides

& Extra Resources

Develop your own rhythm and practises, keep track of what you are learning and integrate every lesson on the course with handy extra resources like the practise planner, module summary guide and other inspiring learning recommendations. 

Monthly Live Zoom Voice Activation Classes

Access to monthly group zoom classes for one whole year. Connect with other women on the programme and grow in your journey together! A valuable space to help you practise the what you're learning, celebrate your individual voice and our collective voices and grow your network of empowered women.

Exclusive access to the Global WVE Collective

This is our online thrive hive, where all the women who have committed to the path of empowering the feminine voice meet, develop their skills, play and initiate juicy conversations on how to expand in the Feminine Revolution!

Ready to Join the Programme?

Choose a Pricing Option that Fits You

There are several options for you to choose from to enrol on the Women's Voice Empowerment Programme.

Explore which payment option suits you the best:

One time payment:


  • access to the full wve programme
  • monthly live zoom classes
  • access to our exclusive women's voice empowerment collective
  • 365 DAYS OF ACCESS TO all the content on-demand once released
4 Month Payment Plan

$105/per month

  • spread the cost over 4 months
One time payment


  • 3 x private 1-1 voice coaching sessions

Need an Answer?

  Frequently Asked Question's

Q: How is the programme taught?

A: The Women's Voice Empowerment Programme is taught through a series of 5 Modules which focus on different aspects of Voice Empowerment. You will be taught through recorded video lessons, a self enquiry workbook and monthly live zoom classes. The video lessons will guide you through each exercise in a easy-to follow and digestable way. Each class is then followed by self-enquiry follow-up questions to encourage you to really drop into what the impact has been for your own body and how this is relevant to you, to your outer world and daily life. The combination of these 2 aspects means you are always guided into a deeper self reflection which helps you integrate every practise and personalise it to your exact needs. To support the integration, there is a practise guide to help you to arrange your own personalised series of exercises to build a voicework routine that is most beneficial for you and your wellbeing. Every month you will also have access to our Voice Activation Class on Zoom and Q&A session, where you will meet other women on the programme and receive a live lesson teaching one class in more depth and the space to ask any questions to aid your learning. 

Q: What if I don’t finish the programme within 5 weeks?

A: The programme is intended to run over 5 weeks, with one Module to go through every week, mostly to give you a rhtyhm to work with - but if this rhtyhm doesn't suit you, you can go at your own pace once the module is released. And you'll have access to all the content for 365 days from the day you enrol. 

Q: Are there regular set timings for the classes and lessons?

A: Once you have enrolled, you will get access to one new Module every week for 5 weeks.  You are guided to go through the videos and the self enquiry questions in one week, so that you can contiunue to the next module. The practise guide is there to support you with this. However there is no presuure for you to complete each module in that week, it is simply a suggested framework to help you move through the lessons.

Once each Module is released you will have access to the material on-demand, so you can return to it whenever you want for one whole year. 

The Live Zoom Classes have a set time and are run once a month on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 2-3.30pm (GMT - London Time).


Q: When are the zoom classes?

A: The zoom classes run on the 3rd Saturday of every month, 2-3.30pm (GMT - London Time). The Voice Activation Class is 1 hour long and there is an optional 30 min Q&A session after each class if you have any queries about what you're learning on the programme. I will always do my best to accomodate everyone in the time we have!


14.00-15.30pm (GMT - London Time, UK)

9.00-10.00am (EST - New York Time)

7.30 - 9.00pm (IST - Mumbai Time, India)

Q: What if I can't make the Live Zoom Class?

A: Not a problem. They will be recorded and each class will be accessible for up to 4 months via the Voice Tantra Academy learning platform.


Q: Do I need to have Voicework Experience to join?

A: Not at all! The Women's Voice Empowerment Programme is desgined to support all women at any stage of their voice journey. Whether you're completely new to all of this, or you're an experienced musician looking to expand your creativity or you're already working with Voice Healing and wanting to develop your practise, you can use the programme to support your own specific needs. 

This programme is all about learning how to listen to your own body, allowing her to become your teacher and reclaiming your own authentic voice and so this means growing and expanding from whatever position you're in right now.


Q: How long do I have access for?

A: Once you enrol, you will have access to the programme including all the learning material and the monthly zoom classes for one whole year.

And once you've joined our exclusive Women's Voice Empowerment online collective, you will access to this space even after the programme is finished. So you can keep connected with your sisters and we can continue to grow this network of creative, empowered Women - this space is where you can share inspirations, keep motivating each other and develop new collaborations - Let's keep moving forward in the Feminine Voice Revolution!


Q: Are the lessons available offline?

A: Yes and No... All of the video content is available only via online streaming, so you do need a stable internet connection to watch the videos. However , the self enquiry workbook is available offline once downloaded. You receive a PDF workbook at the begining of each module, which you can print out and work through in your own time. The monthly zoom class is on zoom, and so you will also need a stable internet connection to join this session and to watch the recorded play backs. It is generally advisable to be somewhere where you have an internet connection to make the most of the programme.


Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: I truly hope that this programme will support you in your Vocal Empowerment Journey, however if for any reason you meet any issues or are not enjoying it, please do reach out for support. I will strive to make sure that every participant can really receive the highest benefit from this course.

If for any reason you still need a refund, there is a 14 day refund policy in which you can receive your full money back. After 14 days if you meet any issues, you can reach out to me and I will process any requests on a case-by-case basis. 


Further Questions?

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