About Us

Hello, we are Saraswati Vanisha Mistry and Jarek Kaniewski, and we are the founders of Voice Tantra. 

Our journey, began in the motherland of India, in the inspiring, tropical landscapes of South Goa. It was there that we discovered our life paths were not just parallel but intertwined. We found a profound resonance in our skills, passions, and experiences, especially around the themes of emotional expression and healing. From this profound connection, both our love and our collaborative venture in Voice Tantra blossomed.

Our story is deeply personal, yet universally resonant. It speaks to the power of aligned paths and shared visions, and how these can evolve into a mission to share wisdom and practices with others, to benefit their highest wellbeing. In Voice Tantra, we have found not only a way to deepen our connection, but also a means to contribute to the world, a journey we cherish and are eager to share with you all.

Our Life Stories

Music, Movement, Voice and Sound have been my driving passion for the last 7 years, and the expansion, satisfaction, and gratitude I've seen and felt in my life as I progress on this path has been incredible - this is why I've made it my life's mission to share the beauty of this work. 

Alongside being a Women's Voice Empowerment Coach and Embodied Voicework Facilitator, I'm also a Singer and Songwriter by the name of Saraswati SOUL. 

However, my career as a musician and voice healer came about through no formal training, but instead a deep embodied exploration of myself, my mind, my social environment, my emotions and my connection to the natural world - over the years my body has shown me the way - a feminine practise that people have been utilising long before formal education and how most of our ancient practises came about. And so this is what I teach: How to truly become a conscious embodied being and how to trust your body to guide the way to your most liberated life through sound.

...Swing back to my early 20's though, I didn't sing. I didn't express myself really, I was often consumed by waves of depression and my authentic voice was hidden behind layers of judgemental thoughts, always wondering what was appropriate, cool or acceptable. When I finally let my voice free, I realized that it was more than just singing that I wanted to do. My journey was about finding the most true, open and honest communication to allow myself to feel in control of my own life - not to let the inner judgements of others, or societal conditioning hold me back from living the life I knew was possible. 

My methods of teachings are now an accumulation of my own personal explorations, and those of various teachers I've met along the way - I focus greatly on building a healthy relationship with breath, movement, sound and play. I receive inspiration from my practises which include 5 Rhythms, African Drumming, Vipassana, Mantra Meditation, Fooling, Non-Violent Communication and Breathwork. Over the years I've studied Buddhist Tantra, Yogic Philosophy and Shamanic Practises - all of which deeply influence the work and intertwine into the teachings that are shared throughout the Voice Tantra Project.

For most of my life, I have strived to make it easy and enjoyable. And there is nothing wrong with that, if difficult issues and problems related to inner limitations are not swept under the rug, but one faces them in courage and in truth.

Over the years, the more boldly I delved within, the deeper I connected with my fears, tensions, and traumas, birthing within me an increasing need to find tools to navigate this journey. Transcendental Meditation was the first tool in my kit. Then came others: Yoga and Shamanic Ceremonies. A pivotal milestone in my life was the discovery of David Hawkins' work related to releasing traumas and emotions. The inspiration from his books activated my ability to work with my body using voice (crying, screaming, humming) and experiencing somatic, and unadulterated, yet observable  body reactions. Over the years, I developed my own methods and practices that connected me with deeper layers of emotions and traumatic imprints in my body. Two years ago this all came to a pivotal point in my life where I reached a crisis point in my 22 year relationship, and I finally confronted my biggest demons connected with sexual traumas. This was a breakthrough in my life which led to developing a clear methodology which can help individuals to move through their own traumas using their own activated sound.Now, in retrospect, I see that all those previous years were preparation for confronting my greatest fear, from which I always averted my gaze. This beautiful and remarkable process led to major revolutions in my life, a radical change in my career path.

A consistent practice of working through my internal processes led to the creation of a therapeutic Embodied Trauma Release methodology, one that I have developed with my partner, Saraswati, in the Voice Tantra project. For the first time in my life, I feel that what I offer and what I want to give others flows directly from the heart, stemming from the need to share something valuable I discovered, something that I believe will have a positive, profound and long-lasting impact on the lives of others.

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Voice Tantra is more than just us; it's a community, a movement that we want to invite others to join. We're looking for individuals who, like us, understand the importance of expressing themselves through their voice, who feel that the voice is a guidepost, a gateway to connecting with our inner selves. Through this, we believe we can heal ourselves and the world.

If you're interested in this path and feel a resonance with what we do, we want to hear from you. If you have your own experiences, practices, methods, tools, and techniques that you wish to share with the world - we invite you to reach out to us. Whether you want to organize a retreat with us, feature your course on our platform, share knowledge on our blog, be a guest on our podcast, or simply have a conversation or provide feedback, here's your chance. We're open to collaboration and eager to expand our community with like-minded souls.

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