Voice Tantra
for Musicians

Create music
that heals the world

As a vocalist musician, your body isn't just an instrument; it's the source of a potent combination of sound and intention. Voice Tantra for musicians explores how you can align your vocal vibrations with your deepest intentions, whether it's healing from trauma, expressing creativity, or sharing love and intimacy.

What Voice Tantra for musicians?

Musicians and singers, with their innate rhythmic awareness, occupy a unique space in Voice Tantra. By consciously integrating emotion and intention into rhythm and melody, you create something truly magical. However, many musicians might not yet fully realize the power of conscious intentions in their art. Rhythm isn't just a sequence of sounds; it influences the body in profound ways.

The key lies in trusting that your body, when guided by clear intentions, can tap into a higher consciousness. This trust allows your voice to support various aspects of your life, transforming your music into a channel for healing and emotional release.

This exploration invites you to consider how rhythm and melody, infused with emotion and intention, can resonate with listeners. Emotional music allows people to feel and release their own emotions. As a musician, when you express your true emotions and set the intention for your music to heal, you create healing music. A piece expressing deep anger, for instance, can be transformative if the intention behind it is healing.

We also delve into the vibrational aspect of voice and sound. Adjusting the vibration in your music affects not only your energetic body but also your aura and magnetic field. When multiple musicians engage in this practice, they can collectively impact the magnetic field of the planet.

Voice Tantra for musicians isn't just about creating music; it's about exploring multiple dimensions of consciousness - the material world, the world of sound, and thought forms - all converging in your art. It's about understanding how your musical expressions can influence and transform both the individual and collective energy fields.

Join us in this journey to explore how your musical talents, combined with the principles of Voice Tantra, can create a profound impact on both personal and global scales. Let your music be more than sound; let it be a multi-dimensional expression of healing, emotion, and intention.

How Voice Tantra will benefit you?

Enhanced Emotional Expression

For musicians, Voice Tantra opens a new realm of emotional expression. It's not just about technical proficiency; it's about channeling your deepest emotions into your music. This practice allows you to infuse your compositions with genuine feelings, whether it's joy, sorrow, or passion, creating a resonant connection with your audience.

Tapping into Your Creative Wellspring

Voice Tantra helps musicians tap into their creative intuition more deeply. It's about moving beyond structured techniques and allowing your intuitive sense to guide your musical journey. This approach can lead to more innovative and inspired compositions, as you learn to trust and follow your inner creative voice.

a Stronger Connection with Audiences

By incorporating the principles of Voice Tantra, musicians can create a stronger, more empathetic connection with their audience. Your music becomes a bridge, not just a performance, inviting listeners to engage with the emotions and stories woven into your songs, deepening their overall experience.

Contributing to Collective Healing

Voice Tantra empowers musicians to contribute to collective healing. Your music, infused with intention and emotion, can become a tool for healing, not just for individual listeners but on a larger scale. By adjusting the vibrational energy of your music, you can influence the collective consciousness, turning your art into a catalyst for positive change.


Voice Tantra Academy

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Come to south Goa to create music with us

If you're a musician and feel a resonance with our mission and vision, we invite you to join our community in creating music that helps heal the world. Our life center is currently located in South Goa, India, a hub that attracts numerous musicians. We'd like to open the horizon for you to join us in crafting music inspired by the principles of Voice Tantra. Let's create uplifting music together, revel in our creativity, and send out intentions of love, reconciliation, and freedom through music filled with purpose.

Our community is not just about music; it's a movement towards creating harmony and healing. Whether your life situation and time allow you to visit this beautiful region of the world, or you find yourself here one day, reach out to us. Let's collaborate and create something beautiful and transformative. Join us in this journey of musical exploration, where every note you play becomes a part of a larger symphony of healing and unity. Together, we can make a difference, one melody at a time.


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