Your Body, Your Voice,

Your Vibration 

Every sound your voice makes has a vibration, and every vibration has a meaning. Only when you know how to read and listen to your own unique vibrational frequency, can you use that power to heal yourself and others.  

What is Voice healing?

Voice healing is about embracing your own voice as a powerful form of medicine.

Every individual has a unique vibration which is attuned to their own physical, emotional and energetic body. When you know how to hone in on your vibrational essence, then you can choose what to do with it. Your vibration then becomes a personal energy source— you can share it outwardly to connect with others or direct it inwardly for self-healing or to support others.

Voice Healing uses the power of conscious thought and vibrational resonance in the form of vocal sounding to enable healing on a cellular level. By literally vibrating the body with your voice, you can dissolve emotional blockages, shift stagnant energy and adjust your own vibrational frequency. When healing with the Voice, the sound your body emits becomes the communicator between your physical body and your conscious mind, and this is where the medicine resides. Methods of Voice Healing can include Vocal Toning, Voice Journeying, Resonant Humming, Medicine Singing and many more.

At Voice Tantra, we teach individuals how to tune into their own modality of Voice Healing which works for their body. We support you in exploring various methods and practices in an accessible and uplifting way, so that you can harness the true power of your own vibrational frequency. 

Why is Voice healing so Effective?

In today's fast-paced world, Voice healing emerges as an enjoyable form of stress relief, offering almost instant relaxation and a nourishing self-care practice. It's a quick yet powerful tool, easing tension and realigning energy, providing a much-needed pause amidst hectic schedules. With its simplicity and immediate impact, Voice Healing becomes a soothing remedy, infusing pleasure with peacefulness, restoring balance and harmony to dissolve the chaos of modern-day living.

Accessible Healing

Voice healing offers an accessible gateway to holistic wellness. All you need is your body and the trust in your own voice to start practicing. There's no need for special equipment or extensive training, making it a readily available tool for anyone seeking self-healing and balance.

Emotional Well-being

Through simple vocal toning, chanting, or singing, voice healing promotes emotional release and relaxation. It's an easy and empowering practice that aids in relieving stress, anxiety, and emotional tension. The soothing effects of sound help create a calming space for emotional exploration and release.

Physical Harmony

By engaging in vocal exercises or toning, voice healing can stimulate energy flow within the body. This stimulation potentially supports physical harmony, helping release bodily tensions and facilitating a sense of relaxation, which contributes to overall well-being.

Inner Balance

Utilizing sound frequencies, voice healing aims to restore balance within the body's energy centers. This practice is beneficial for those seeking inner balance, promoting mental clarity and emotional resilience. It's a tool for self-discovery and inner peace.


Voice healing is a practice that empowers individuals to connect with their own healing abilities. With the simplicity of using one's voice and the body's resonance, it becomes an accessible practice that offers a sense of control and self-guidance in one's healing journey. It serves as a reminder that each person possesses the capacity for self-healing and restoration.

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Voice healing with Voice Tantra 

Learn how to connect to your intuitive healing power. The gift of intuition has been widely wiped out in most modern day cultures. At Voice Tantra, we always strive to teach you how to truly trust in the wisdom that your own body holds.

We teach you how to understand, read and channel the inner vibrations of your own body, transmute anything that isn't resonating with your highest alignment and then direct the vibrations you do want to use with loving intent to aid the deepest healing.


Voice Tantra Academy

At Voice Tantra we have a range of offerings to help you learn how to access the Healing power of your own unique Voice. We teach practises such as:

  • Resonant Humming
  • Shamanic Sound Release
  • Medicine Singing
  • Chakra Toning
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Intuitive Voice Journeying
  • Sonic Scanning

Check out our current programmes to start learning!

The Roots of Voice Healing

Voice and sound therapy, increasingly adopted in the Western world for its holistic healing approach, has roots entrenched in ancient yogic techniques, Buddhist philosophy, and shamanic traditions. Rooted in a harmonious relationship with nature, these ancient cultures recognized the innate healing potential of the voice. They deeply intertwined their practices with the natural rhythms of the Earth, crafting instruments from the simplest of natural elements—tools like sticks, leaves, and plant seeds. Over time, these evolved into more intricate tools such as the medicine drum, rattles, singing bowls, and a diverse array of string and wind instruments like the sitar, charango, shruti box, and flute. However, amidst this rich diversity of instruments, the most profound and intrinsic music emanated from the human body, reflecting the deep connection these cultures perceived between human rhythms and the rhythms of the Earth.

Numerous global cultures have developed their own science of voice healing, each with its unique approach. From the Vedic Mantra Chanting and Nada Yoga practices in India (See Voice Yoga) to vocal toning in Chinese Medicine, from the medicine singing traditions of the Americas to the shamanic drum chants in Siberia—diverse cultures have embraced the power of voice vibrations as a medicinal tool. While the practices may vary in appearance, the underlying essence across these cultures remains 


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