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Your body harbors accumulated energies of stress and trauma, often lingering beneath your conscious awareness. The Voice Tantra Trauma Release method offers a pathway to liberate these hidden tensions through simple yet profound techniques that intertwine somatic bodywork with vocal expression.  

What Voice Tantra Trauma Release is?

You're familiar with that feeling when your body becomes heavy with sadness, anxiety, and stress. This weight may not show up on the bathroom scale, but you certainly feel it when life doesn't go as planned, or when the echoes of the past drag along a heavy baggage of traumas - the minor ones and those of the highest magnitude, those you are aware of and those unknown to you. Yours, as well as those of many generations before you. Nowadays, we increasingly turn our attention to these emotional burdens, seeking ways to detach from them, to finally shed them and feel the lightness of life, as that is our natural state.

There are many methods for working with tension and trauma, each offering paths of action across various domains, from meditation to intense physical training. Voice Tantra Trauma Release is a method focused on relieving tensions and traumas through conscious work with the physical, energetic, and emotional body. Our techniques help locate tensions, energy blocks, and condensed areas of trauma, then connect to them through the voice and extract them, thereby releasing them partially or completely. We address the usual daily tension, which is easiest to rid of, but also severe traumas, phobias, and other blockages.

Voice Tantra Trauma Release can be your daily hygiene, like brushing your teeth or blowing your nose. If you feel that you have energies within you that you want to release, you can do so in just a few minutes using simple, very intuitive exercises involving the body, emotions, and voice. Over time, as you learn them, you won't be able to imagine your daily life without them. Opening your voice and freeing yourself from the shame of vocal expression will build a completely new relationship with your body and aid in even better integration.

How Voice Tantra Trauma Release will benefit you?

Regular practice of Voice Tantra Trauma Release can contribute to better overall physical health and more balanced and harmonious state of being. 

Enhanced Emotional Clarity

This method can lead to a clearer understanding of your emotions. By focusing on the physical and vocal release of tensions, you become more attuned to the subtleties of your emotional state. This heightened awareness can help in recognizing and addressing underlying feelings that might have been suppressed or misunderstood.

Improved Physical Well-being

This practice facilitates a better flow of energy within the body. As tensions and traumas are released through vocal and physical exercises, it helps in unblocking energy pathways,.leading to a more balanced and harmonious state of being. .

Healthier, Stress-Free Living

The Voice Tantra Trauma Release method can be a key component in leading a healthier life, free from the burdens of stress. By utilizing this technique, individuals can experience a significant reduction in stress levels, which is known to have a multitude of positive effects on overall health, including lowering the risk of chronic diseases and improving mental well-being.

Stress Reduction

Engaging in this practice can be a powerful tool for stress management. The act of vocal expression can serve as a release valve for stress, helping to lower cortisol levels and promote a state of relaxation. This method provides a unique approach to stress relief that combines physical and emotional release.

case Study 

Through the Voice Tantra Trauma Release method, one can delve deep into the traumas and tensions within our body without needing to consciously identify them. While thoughts and realizations may sometimes surface, often it is simply a release of accumulated energy. The accompanying video demonstrates such a release. However, it's important to remember that this represents an advanced practice, achievable through preparation and performing simpler, less expressive exercises. Although it might resemble an exorcism, the practitioners actually experiences no pain and do not identify with the emotions and negative energy deposits flowing through them.


Voice Tantra Academy

At Voice Tantra we are preparing a range of offerings relating to trauma release practice.

The Roots of Voice Tantra Trauma Release method

The Voice Tantra Trauma Release methodology draws its essence from a rich tapestry of tantric practices, energy work, and yoga, and is further inspired by the methods of David Hawkins. This approach is inherently open-ended, providing a framework for working with the body's energies while allowing for a high degree of versatility. It encourages practitioners to rely on their individual intuition, leading them to discover their unique paths and establish personal relationships with their bodies.

At the core of this method is the ability to work with traumas and tentions without the necessity for intellectual analysis or processing. This makes the practice particularly effective for those seeking a more experiential, less analytical path to healing. It's an experimental approach, continually evolving and adapting to the needs and insights of those who practice it.

In some instances, this method has also shown to integrate well with psychedelics and medicinal marijuana, creating synergies that enhance the depth and intensity of the experience. However, such combinations should always be approached with caution and ideally under the guidance of a professional well-versed in both the Voice Tantra Trauma Release method and the use of these substances.

This method stands out for its holistic approach, focusing not just on the physical or emotional aspects, but on the intricate interplay between the body, mind, and spirit. It's a journey of exploration, a path to uncovering deeper truths about oneself, and a process of transformation that transcends conventional healing practices. As a versatile and innovative approach, Voice Tantra Trauma Release is carving out a new space in the realm of personal development and healing.

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