What is Voice Tantra

Imagine you have a cold. What do you do? Naturally, you grab a tissue and blow your nose. It's an automatic response, something you do without thinking. In a perfect world, we would handle tensions, difficult emotions, and stress in a similar way. Whenever strong emotions like sadness, fear, tension, or anger arise in your body, there should be a natural and safe way to express them.

But here’s the problem.

For some reason, humanity has blocked this channel. Instead of releasing difficult and heavy emotions, we’ve developed a habit of holding them inside, storing them in various parts of our bodies. Why do we do this? It’s a fundamental glitch in our system, imposed on us by social norms and cultural conditioning. People don't want to see what is difficult, ugly, or uncomfortable. They prefer to hide it, turning our bodies into emotional dumping grounds.

From the moment we are born and try to express all the emotions we’ve accumulated, someone immediately silences us. Over time, we start imposing similar restrictions on ourselves, subconsciously programming ourselves to believe that loudly expressing our pain, turmoil or even joy makes us "difficult" or "strange."

As we grow older, we become more composed, more in control of our reactions, and we push our internal responses deeper into our energetic body. However, the amazing thing is that our body doesn't give up. It continuously tries to help us by attempting to expel everything that is unnecessary and harmful. Your body constantly sends you signals, indicating where tension, blockages, and heavy emotions are stored in your energetic body.

If you listen to your body, tune into it with trust and without fear, you will soon start to notice and hear its cries. A tight throat, tension in the head, heaviness in the chest—sound familiar? What do we usually do about it?

Unfortunately, we usually divert our attention. We don't want to feel what is difficult and uncomfortable. We turn on Netflix, eat a cookie, or impulsively dive into social media. The signal disappears, covered by a pleasant dopamine anesthetic. This way, we habitually distract ourselves from the sensations coming from our bodies. This is how we are programmed. Someone used to put a pacifier in our mouths; now we do it ourselves. But we pay a very high price for this. We become emotionally numb. We experience depression. Tension and stress are constant in our lives. Accumulated emotions also fuel a flood of compulsive thoughts—usually depressive and anxious ones. Ultimately, this leads to various inflammatory states, both mental and physical. The body eventually says, "I've had enough! I can no longer hold this inside. It's too heavy for me. I give up."

To heal and free ourselves from the buildup of trauma, stress, and tension, we must start listening to our bodies, tuning into them, and not looking away. We need to understand and feel that our body has a voice that should be noticed and expressed. If we understand this and finally feel it, a wonderful transformation will occur in our lives. This will affect many areas—physical health, mental well-being, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and finances. We will become beings in emotional and energetic flow. With one simple decision, you can unmute yourself and make a fundamental change. You can finally Give Life a Voice. You can step onto the path of Voice Tantra.

Hi,we are Saraswati and Jarek

The techniques we want to share with you have brought about profound transformations in our lives. They have healed us from depression and deep, multi-generational traumas. Now, we travel the world, promoting our methodology and sharing this simple and safe technique with others.

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Did you ever Feel that your voice 
is much more than just sound? 

Have you ever caught yourself making odd sounds, talking to yourself, or humming to feel better? That's your inner being, reaching out to your outer world, yearning to be heard, seen, and released. This phenomenon is common; we all experience it. Some might suppress these expressions, fearing they might appear foolish to others, or even to themselves. Others may feel shy or embarrassed about expressing these inner sounds openly. Many of us hide or keep these expressions to ourselves. Yet, there's often a lingering question: what is this urge, and why does it feel so good to connect with it?

With Voice Tantra, you can bring these inner feelings and emotions to the surface, embracing and shedding light on them through the sound. Your voice is the most natural and obvious way to connect with your inner world and allow it to manifest in your outer world. Using your voice you can delve into everything that resides within you: the darkness and the light, your deepest fears, your most suppressed emotions, your desires, and your traumas. On the other side of the spectrum, there is also expression of the deepest love, joy, care and excitement, which are often suppressed and marginalized by cultural norms.

The collective suppression of the signals coming from our inner bodies, which are asking to be expressed, has led humanity to emotional muteness.  For millions of people these surpressed emotions have been accumilating for generations. Over time, when left unattended, they cause numerous blockages and tension centres within our physical and energetical bodies, this causes long term stress which leads to various illnesses and dysfunctions. 
Voice Tantra is about breaking free from this emotional muteness, allowing us to fully express and experience the spectrum of our emotions through sound, leading to healing and liberation.

Our methodology is composed of an array of techniques, diverse approaches, and rituals, all aimed at a singular purpose. They are designed to unclog our channels of self-expression and emotions, to cleanse us of the lingering residues of tensions and traumas, and to enable the free and uninhibited expression of our thoughts, emotions, desires, and creative impulses. This entire framework is built upon a foundation of profound love for ourselves and the universe around us, as an embodiment of the Miracle of Life that we all are a part of.

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We Are Made
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 The universe, and every part of our being, is composed of vibrations. From the spaces between our cells to the cells themselves, everything is in a state of vibration. By intentionally harnessing the vibration of our voice, we begin to alter our own vibrational frequency.


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