Voice Tantra
for Partners

When your voice is free,
so is your pleasure.

Many partners may believe they are open and liberated in their sexual experiences, but if their voice is restricted, a significant part of them remains undiscovered, unseen, and unaccepted. Voice Tantra offers a beautiful journey for partners to discover not only each other but also themselves, in their bedrooms as well as in their everyday relations.

What is Voice Tantra for Partners?

Through Voice Tantra, we're delving into more than just vocal expression. This journey encompasses bringing consciousness to the entirety of our emotional landscape, which naturally does lead to deeper intimacy and an enhanced sexual experience. The voice, in this context, is merely the visible aspect of our deeper work. We're opening gates to parts of ourselves that were previously suppressed, hidden, or even unknown - parts we've been unfamiliar with or ashamed of. Through Voice Tantra, we gradually become friends with these internal elements.

In the realm of sexuality, activating your voice allows sexual energy to flow freely, preventing it from becoming stagnant. There are often tensions related to sex, which can lead to rigidity and stiffness, blocking the natural flow of lovemaking. Using your voices can help release these tensions. At the beginning of this journey, this might seem unusual, but by using Voice Tantra practices with your partner, you will find more ease and natural flow in both of you to allow your authentic voice to move through you during lovemaking. And as you create more space for pleasure and excitement, and as you find more freedom to express it openly with your partner, without shyness or shame, it can be incredibly arousing. This openness in expression can significantly enhance both of your sexual experiences.

In the exploration of sexual dynamics, it's understood that sexual tension and blockages amongst partners often stem from a lack of communication. Unexpressed traumas and wounds can accumulate within individuals and relationships, leading to increased tension. By opening up and truly seeing one another, there's an opportunity to release these fears and tensions.

For many people, sex is frequently used as a release for daily life tensions, but this can be unhealthy. When sex is devoid of the intention of love or healing, it risks becoming a medium for unloading emotional baggage, rather than forming a meaningful connection.

While sex as a form of release is understandable, it's often pursued unconsciously. To nurture a healthy relationship, it is crucial to approach sex with a conscious intention of healing and love, rather than just as a means to release frustration.

In the tantric context, sexual intercourse is more than a physical connection; it's a merging of energies. Approaching it with the intent to be present with each other's energies, without necessarily merging them, is vital. This mindful approach transforms sex into a space of healing and loving care.

The act of love then becomes an act of caring for each other, where orgasmic sensations serve as powerful energy moving through the body. Allowing the voice to be open during this process can help release and remove blockages within the body. However, this requires a high level of trust, where partners permit each other to witness their most vulnerable releases.

Voice Tantra, especially in the context of sexual intercourse, emerges as a deeply healing practice. It involves being witnessed in one's most vulnerable state and being accepted in love, supporting each other on a journey soul discovery. This approach to sex transforms it from just a pursuit of pleasure to a space for profound healing and exploration of unexplored layers of sexuality.

Why You should Practice Voice Tantra With Your Partner?

Voice Tantra, particularly for partners, becomes a way to enrich intimacy and the sexual experience by embodying a deep state of joy, pleasure, and connection.

Transforming Sexuality with Voice

In the realm of sexuality, activating our voice is key to allowing our sexual energy to flow freely, preventing stagnation. Many people carry tensions related to sex, manifesting as stiffness and blocking the natural flow of love-making. Voice Tantra exercises can help release these tensions, enhancing the experience of love-making by allowing partners to express arousal, curiosity, and pleasure through sound.

Journey to Self-Discovery and Peak Experiences

Voice Tantra is not just about sexual exploration; it's a journey of self-discovery for both partners. Through peak experiences in Voice Tantra, one can reach states of higher consciousness, potentially leading to deeply orgasmic states. There’s no categorization of sounds as good or bad; it’s about authentic expression.

Deep Healing through Vulnerability

Healing through Voice Tantra occurs on many levels, primarily by allowing oneself to be seen and heard vulnerably. This mutual visibility and acceptance between partners can deepen the healing process. Sex, in this context, becomes a space for not just pleasure but also profound healing. It can encompass a range of emotions and expressions, from crying to wild screams, as partners trust and express their truth more deeply.

Overcoming Sexual Blockages

Voice Tantra also addresses sexual blockages like premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, fear of sex, and low self-esteem. By exploring these issues through vocal expression and mutual support, individuals can find pathways to healing and a more fulfilling sexual experience.


Voice Tantra Academy

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Demystifying Tantra

In the modern world, Tantra is often misconstrued as being exclusively about sexuality. This perception, however, is a narrow interpretation of a much broader and more profound philosophy. Tantra encompasses a range of practices and teachings aimed at elevating consciousness and living a life of fullness and awareness. While sexuality is an aspect of Tantra, reducing it to just sexual practices overlooks its comprehensive approach to holistic living.

Demystifying the concept of Tantra reveals that it's not solely about sexuality. Tantra is a technology teaching us how to live our most conscious, beautiful, and abundant lives. While sexuality is a part of Tantra, it is not its entirety. Working with Voice Tantra, especially for partners, can significantly enhance sexual experiences, leading to deep states of joy, pleasure, and intimacy. However, this enhancement only occurs when each individual is in tune with themselves and a higher state of love and awareness. When partners come together, they share this elevated state of love and awareness, making the sexual act more about intention and care. When there is genuine care for each other, realms of deeper pleasure and higher consciousness can be accessed through sexuality. But this isn't the ultimate goal; it's a natural outcome of finding deep peace within oneself. Thus, working with voice healing and embodied voice work individually can also enhance one's relationships. The journey to connect with one's highest consciousness must be undertaken alone before it can be fully enjoyed with a partner.

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