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It’s our first anniversary

In our lives, there are moments when life confronts us with our greatest fears, placing us face-to-face with what we’ve always run from. In such moments, we can either give up and wallow in self-pity and distractions, OR we can finally get angry and stand up for ourselves—telling ourselves that we might die, but this time, we will not back down.

About a year ago, I was in one of these moments. I sat on a rock in Goa, howling out the pain and sadness of existence. My body knew exactly what it was doing. I allowed my body the freedom to express itself, reaching deep into the core where hidden resentment, rage, and underlying sadness lay. I was an observer of this process, not identifying with it. Anyone watching from the outside might think I was going through a nightmare. Far from it. It was actually a very healing and, in a way, enjoyable process. I had been in this state for three months, and I slowly felt that what was flowing through me was finally fading. The sun was setting. I got up and began to descend from the rocks. Along the way, I met Saraswati. I had known her from fitness classes we attended together. We started talking. I recalled that she had mentioned she practiced voice therapy. I shared the method I was using—it was a magical conversation.

The universe connected us that evening, scheming to bring these two together for some good—it just needed to match us up. And so it began
 Today marks the anniversary since we became a couple. It has been the most beautiful year of my life.

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