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Welcome to our Academy

Humanity is awakening to a new consciousness. More and more people are feeling it, and we are beginning to connect more deeply with ourselves. We are getting in touch with our emotions, discovering our highest awareness, remembering who we truly are and what we are capable of. This forgotten truth is eager to manifest within us. However, we are still limited by our programs. Instead of expressing our emotions and releasing accumulated tensions and stress, we tend to hold them in, creating dense and increasingly heavy energies that we often perceive as the burdens of life.

Yet life is beautiful, safe, full of love and harmony. We can experience it this way by living in the flow. We need to unblock all these emotional dams and allow our feelings to flow freely and express themselves without shame or judgment. This is the process we focus on at the Voice Tantra Academy.


Voice Tantra Fundamentals

Embodied Voicework

Learn to express the true voice of your body
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Voice Healing

Embrace your own voice as a powerful form of medicine
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Stress & Trauma Release

Unique approach to life changing relief
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Voice Yoga

Harness the Ancient Indian Science of Sacred Sound with Voice Yoga
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Voice Tantra for Partners

Enter a new world of sexual explorations
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What Our Students Say

Beautifully put together. Inspired material and structure, I find it easy and already feel I learned a lot!

Adelina Cristina

Cornwall, UK

This course is supporting me to voice my truth, stay in my centre and take action from an empowered place.

Sage Ira


I loved the Voice Embodiment and Bhakti Yoga lessons! I learned things about my voice I never knew before, I’ve connected with it in a much deeper way. 

Sofia Parker


The Voice Medicine Retreat has helped me with my confidence, and public speaking, held in a circle full of women, who by the end become sisters. I would recommend these spaces to everyone!

Sophie Woodage

London, UK

I especially enjoyed the moments where we shared vocal but non verbal sounds to express our own inner feelings or thoughts. So liberating!


London, UK

It embodied all things I enjoy: playfulness, meditation, sound, goofiness, bodywork, games, exercises, and being just super fun!


Voice Tantra

Community open to anyone who is ready to evolve to a higher consciousness through voice and sound.


India, South Goa —
Canacona, Sadolxem  353

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